PHL - 319 Philippines Notification On Grain - For Comments

The Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS) has issued this draft regulation- ‘Philippines National Standard (PNS) Good Warehousing Practices (GWP) for Grains. This code aims to provide specific guidance for the appropriate handling, storage and transport of grains to ensure prevention and reduction of physical, biological and chemical factors that contribute to the quality, quantity and safety of grains during storage.

This code is issued as per their Food Safety Act and it should be used along with the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for corn and rice. It has been issued to prevent the physical, chemical and biological contamination in grains. Besides, this code conforms to the Philippine Agricultural Engineering Standard (PAES).......: 2015, Agricultural Structures – Warehouse for Bag Type Storage for Grains.

It lays out requirements for the warehouses. That is, it specifies storage warehouse design like ventilation, flooring and drainage, walls and ceilings, doorways, windows, lightings, and piling system. It mandates the following in the bin card like date received or date procured, source of stock, moisture content, quantity of bags, variety, pest control measures applied with their dates. In addition, it also lays out procedures for warehouse and stock maintenance. It has separate section on requirements on personnel working in the warehouse. It states that the documents and record must be maintained till the period exceeding the shelf life of these grains. Under the traceability, it provides details on requirements in labelling. It establishes recall procedures.

This is in accordance with international standards- CODEX.


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