SPS notification G/SPS/N/EU/166

SPS notification no. G/SPS/N/EU/166/Add.1 dated 27th July 2016 issued by the European Union on pesticides.


HS CODE: 06 to 14, 23


Draft Regulation:


The European Commission has issued this regulation concerning ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS. It is titled as 'Draft Commission Regulation setting out scientific criteria for the determination of endocrine disrupting properties and amending Annex II to Regulation (EC) 1107/2009.


This notification is for transparency purposes and does not prejudge the position of the European Union on the applicability of the SPS Agreement to the notified measures, or on the nature and effects of the measure itself.


This draft Commission Regulation sets the specific scientific criteria in relation to the endocrine disrupting properties for the approval of the active substances for use in plant protection products in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009.


The criteria are based on the definition of endocrine disruptors published in 2002 by the World Health Organisation (WHO) through its International Programme for Chemical Safety (WHO/IPCS).


The draft regulation was preceded by an impact assessment and a public consultation.


In accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 if a substance is found to be an endocrine disruptor according to the criteria set in this draft regulation, it will not be approved for use in plant protection products unless it is demonstrated that the conditions set in Point of Annex II of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 are met.


It is proposed to take effect on 1st January 2017.


The agency is announcing that the last date for comments is 31st August 2016.


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