Egypt – G/TBT/N/EGY/162

TBT notification by Egypt – G/TBT/N/EGY/162 dated 16th August 2016 concerning MRLs of pesticides.


The Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality has issued this regulation concerning MRLs of pesticide residues in food and feed, pesticides and other agrochemicals in general. It has issued a Ministerial Decree.


It mandates the use of the Maximum Residue limits listed in the Codex database "Codex Pesticides Residues in Food" issued by Codex Alimentarius Commission.


In case the Codex database doesn't include a certain value of Pesticides Residues or a certain agriculture product, the values listed in the EU pesticides database issued by the European Commission shall be used. If the European Commission has no adopted values, the tolerance values determined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shall apply.


In case of the absence of the allowed maximum pesticide residue limit values for any agricultural crop or product, the maximum pesticide limit values of the nearest group of agricultural crops or products shall be used in the same sequence mentioned above.
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