SPS notification no. G/SPS/N/OMN/44/Rev.1/Add.1 dated 9th January 2017

SPS notification no. G/SPS/N/OMN/44/Rev.1/Add.1 dated 9th January 2017 on importation of food products.


HS CODE: 02, 03, 04, 0504, 07 to 13, 15 to 22


Draft Regulation:


The Oman Authorities have issued this notification announcing the GCC Guide for control on Imported Foods. This Guide describes principles and regulatory requirements to be applied by the exporting country and the importing GCC countries in assuring the safety and suitability of shipments of imported food. Health certificates for imported food (from animal and plant origins) which include specific attestations are provided in the Guide.


In 2011, Oman notified WTO (SPS) about this Guide (G/SPS/N/OMN/44). Due to comments from many WTO Members, this Guide had been reviewed by GCC Food Safety Committee and modified accordingly. The attached version has been adopted by all GCC countries.


On documentation and health certificates, the agency states that the authenticity will be periodically verified and audited by the GCC countries. The required documents are listed as follows:

  1. Customs declaration
  2. Permit delivery
  3. Commercial license/commercial register in the relevant field
  4. Health certificate (page 36)
  5. List of contents
  6. Halal slaughtering certificate and Halal certifications for food products
  7. Supporting documents for label claims
  8. Temperature records
  9. Any other documents, if required

It requires the competent authority of the exporting country to ensure the safety of the products although a third party has provided the certification. It says that certificates can be in Arabic or English or both and must accompany every consignment.   Further, the GCC requires health attestations for export of processed food, meat and meat products, dairy products, egg products, aquatic products, plant and plant products, assorted foods and honey bee products.



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