SPS notification no. G/SPS/N/THA/240 dated 16th February 2017 issued by Thailand on food products.

SPS notification no. G/SPS/N/THA/240 dated 16th February 2017 issued by Thailand on food products.


HS Code: 1005, 1006, 1007, 1102, 11031300, 11031900, 11032000, 11042300, 11042900, 11043000, 1105, 11081200, 11081300, 11081400, 110819, 19012000, 190190, 1902


Draft Regulation:


The Thai FDA has issued this notification concerning labelling of 'gluten-free' on food products as follows:

1.              Food complied with following criteria can make declaration of "gluten free" on food label:

a)     cereal other than Cereal or root plants which naturally contain gluten

b)     flour made from (a)

c)      food product having ingredient from (a) or (b)

d)     food consisting of one or more ingredients from wheat as all Triticum species (i.e. durum wheat, spelt, KAMUT), rye, barley, oats or their crossbred varieties which have been specially processed to remove gluten, and the gluten level in a final product sold to consumer does not exceed 20 mg/kg of the final food product

2.              Declaration of food in item 1 can be displayed as "gluten free" only. In case of food in item (d), the text of "being specially processed to remove gluten" shall be displayed together with "gluten free"

3.              Method of analysis shall be based on the Standard for foods for special dietary use for persons intolerant to gluten CODEX STAN 118-1979


This is in accordance with international standards- CODEX.

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