Become a member
The hundred strong members of AIREA are responsible for over 90% of Indian rice exports.

Why become a member?

The members of AIREA enjoy services that help them develop their business.
The services include –
  • Information on the latest government notifications and policy changes
  • Representation and research on issues that affect the industry
  • Liaising and advocacy with appropriate agencies/departments for reforms or solutions
  • Access to a nodal point for meeting with foreign delegates and agencies
  • Detailed statistics on the monthly export of rice and other relevant data
  • Information on domestic and international prices, export data, etc.
  • Notifications on export possibilities and trade enquiries sent to AIREA
  • Information and facilitation of participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, expositions, seminars and workshops
  • Information from relevant surveys and market research
  • Addressing any other issues/problems affecting the industry brought to the notice of AIREA by the members
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