About Us

AIREA is an association of rice exporters with the prime mission of influencing export policy of rice. In addition, it projects and promotes rice in the international market as well as interacts with all Government agencies, Institutions, directly or indirectly related to the Rice Industry.

All India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA) is the only recognized apex body of Indian rice exporters worldwide. The organisation is consulted not only by the Indian Government but foreign buyers and foreign trade associations as well. Member of AIREA include multinationals and public sector undertakings in addition to major rice exporters. It is an indirect channel to promote and enhance Indian rice business across the world market, thereby facilitating the growth of Indian rice exporting industry.

AIREA makes efforts in promoting rice in the international market, through various meetings, summits, conferences and events such as the food fairs across the world. AIREA also organizes frequent seminars on business opportunities in rice exports and other similar topics. The association has been successfully making a name for Indian rice worldwide.

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