UPLOADED : Statistical year book 2023.

President’s Desk

Dear Members,

Global supply of rice continues to be under pressure with continuance of prohibition on export of non-Basmati white rice and 100% broken rice from India; the situation on global rice stock front also faces challenge.
Green shoots of Govt. of India’s sustained efforts to tame retail price inflation by market interventions through ‘Bharat Rice’ and reduced price-MOQ sale of FCI rice in OMSS, are now visible. Entire rice industry of India has stood by the Government and continues to act in the interest of the consumers at large, our farmers brothers, esteemed overseas buyers of Indian rice and the trading community.
Freight costs coupled with cost of capital and longer working capital cycle, in light of continued Red-Sea crisis, are exerting tremendous pressure on Indian rice industry esp. Basmati rice that garners substantive share of India’s forex earnings.
It has been a privilege representing you all as President of All India Rice Exporters Association. I have strived to strengthen the team and position AIREA as a credible, reliable, substantive and sumptuous voice of the rice industry before the stakeholders. Today, we are heard with patience, valued as knowledgeable industry partner and our view point is given credence.
I convey my best wishes to all the AIREA members and wish AIREA a saucerful and bright future.

(Nathi Ram Gupta) President

(Nathi Ram Gupta)