UPLOADED : Statistical year book 2023.

President’s Desk

Dear Friends,

My Best Wishes to readers for a Happy New Year 2024.
It gives me pleasure to announce that the ‘Basmati Crop acreage and yield estimation survey in GI area for Kharif- 2023’ commissioned by AIREA, has been completed in-time and the findings are fairly in consonance to estimates of the industry – the survey findings indicate higher crop output of Basmati this year. The need for such a structured survey has long been felt by Basmati rice industry and AIREA been voicing the need & importance of structured & reliable crop statistics towards formulation of better export strategies by its members for overall growth of the industry, enhanced export revenue and better remuneration to our dear farmers.
Farmgate price realization has shown an uptick in remuneration to farmers of Basmati rice crop this year thanks to timely decision of Govt. of India to revisit export price ceiling; my gratitude to the Government for their decision.
Govt. of India’s concern of retail price inflation, continues to grow and they have been holding discussions with various business stakeholders, including rice exporters, towards reduction of consumer price of food items including rice. AIREA members have always stood with the Government and I would urge members to continue to apply measures that could contribute to achieving the objective.
My concerns of envisaged disruption to trade in wake of conflict in Asia- Arab region are getting profound with disruption of voyages through ‘Red Sea’ and the rice industry, now, is besought with burgeoning freights, container availability issues, longer/ delayed voyages and uncertainty. I am confident that the Govt. is monitoring the situation and will do its best to protect the interest of Agri exports and Basmati rice exports, in particular, from India.
Good luck and more success to Indian rice industry in new year 2024.

(Nathi Ram Gupta) President

(Nathi Ram Gupta)