Governing Body

Governing Body is the Supreme decision taking arm of AIREA . The 33 member strong Governing Body comprises of committed and dedicated members whose strong knowledge base helps the industry in promoting external trade of rice.

Apart from its crucial advisory role in the activities and functions of AIREA ,the Governing Body through its various committees also helps in focused approach on various trade related issues, helps the AIREA Secretariat in delivering its services meaningfully .

Mr Nathi Ram Gupta
Mr Nathi Ram Gupta, President
Mr Vijay Sethia
Mr Vijay Setia, Immediate Last President
Mr Sushil Kumar Jain
Mr Sushil Kumar Jain, Vice President
Mr Jagdish Suri
Mr Jagdish Suri, Vice President
Mr Satish Goel
Mr Satish Goel, Vice President
Mr Ramneek Singh
Mr Ramneek Singh, Vice President
Mr Ajay Bhalothia
Mr Ajay Bhalothia, Vice President
Mr Pankaj Goel
Mr Pankaj Goel, General Secretary
Mr Divendra Singla
Mr Devender Kumar Singla, Joint Secretary
Mr Arvinder Pal
Mr Arvinder Pal Singh, Member
Mr Ashwani Arora, Member
Mr Rakesh Aggarwal
Mr Rakesh Aggarwal, Member
Mr M R Gupta
Mr N R Gupta, Member
Mr R K
Mr R S Seshadri, Member
Mr Rohit Gupta
Mr Rohit Gupta, Member
Mr N.K Miglani
Mr Narinder Kumar Miglani, Member
Mr Anish Gupta

Mr Anish Gupta, Member

Mr Surinder Gupta
Mr Surender-gupta, Member
Mr Gaurav Bhatia
Mr Gaurav Bhatia, Member
Mr Sudip Kumar Basu
Mr Sudip Kumar Basu, Member
Mr Anil Kumar Garg
Mr Anil Kumar Garg, Member
Mr V.K Mishra
Mr V K Mishra, Member
Mr M P Jindal
Mr Mohinder Pal Jindal, Member
Mr Rajnish Ohri
Mr Rajnish Ohri, Member
Mr Dinesh
Dr Kishan Mohan Mehndiratta, Member
Mr Gurman Arora
Mr Gurnam Arora, Member
Mr Ashok Aggarwal
Mr Ashok Aggarwal, Member
Mr Aman Gupta
Mr Arman Gupta, Member
Mr Pramod Bansal
Mr Pramod Bansal, Member
Mr Niirmal Mehta
Mr Nirmal Mehta, Member
Mr Dinesh
Mr J P Laborde, Member
Mr Dinesh
Mr Dinesh Chhahtra, Member
Mr Peter Walker
Mr Peter Walker, Member